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This page is intentionnaly written in english ONLY.


On January the 9th 2014, the DreamSpark msdnaa catalog is back online.

The catalog was offline due to a bug of Kivuto (DreamSpark website manager) which has deactivated our account by mistake.

Connection Form


Password :

Please read this →

For this authentication form to succeed, you need a valid login/password couple.

For MIAGE students of the university of Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense :

  • The login is their student number (MIAGE student only)
  • The password is their email account password

For permanent members of the the university of Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense like administive staff members, researchers, teachers :

  • The login is their intranet/email/coursenligne account login
  • The password is their intranet/email/coursenligne account password
Please also read the CNIL Notice.

Help and More Information

CNIL Notice

All data used by this authentication form are extracted from the LDAP server of the university of Paris Ouest Nanterre la Defense. If you want to hold your access, modification, or deletion right on these data, please contact the CRI ( of the university.
The process done on your data are the authentification against the LDAP server, the collect of your id for security logging and the transmission to microsoft of your full name, your status (student or university staff) and your email. By using this form, you implicitly agreed to the transmission of these data to enable microsoft creating an official bill for each of your downloads.
Please also look at the for more information about your rights.

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What is ELMS?

ELMS is a web-based management system which enables you to make DreamSpark software easily available to your students and faculty. The use of ELMS for the management and distribution of software in the DreamSpark Program is provided to you by Microsoft and e-academy (Microsoft partner) as an DreamSpark member benefit, free of charge.

Contact the administrator of the Dreamspark msdnaa web site here (please change _at_ to @).